I'm a 4th generation Northsider, lifelong criminal justice reformer, affordable housing expert, 3rd term State Rep, and an addict—40 years clean and sober.

I'm running for re-election in district 59B to continue to address the great disparities across our state.



I believe in a Minnesota that intentionally includes people traditionally left out of the process, parents working multiple full-time jobs to support their family, renters being priced out of their neighborhoods, communities targeted because of their identities or beliefs, young people disregarded because of their age, neighbors who feel unsafe in the presence of officers sworn to protect them, and all who have a stake in the health of our environment.

I’ve spent my career fighting for solutions before they are popular, collaborating across differences and making decisions with the people most impacted by issues at the table. For the past five years, I've fought for progressive change alongside the 43,000 Minneapolis residents I represent. From the foreclosure crisis, to saving North High, to the 4th precinct, I’ve always been ready to fight alongside my community. I’m running for re-election to continue the fight. 

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I have one of the most progressive records in the legislature and have a history of supporting solutions before they are popular.