I'm running for re-election in district 59B to continue to address the great disparities across our state.

I'm a 4th generation Northsider, lifelong criminal justice reformer, affordable housing expert, 3rd term State Rep, and an addict—40 years clean and sober.



Our state is at a crossroads in 2018. We must put forward a bold, transformative vision—linking the common values among working people across the state, while also highlighting the specific struggles that specific communities face. 

I will use my position in the legislature to take on the increasingly concentrated political and economic power amongst the wealthiest Minnesotans. I will continue to amplify the work being done on the ground by social movements, organizers, and working people to build a coalition of forces seeking to radically transform unjust systems of power.

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I have one of the most progressive records in the legislature and have a history of supporting solutions before they are popular.