Honor Indigenous Sovereignty Within Our City

I am running for Mayor in a city that occupies stolen Dakota land—a city that has gone back and forth between ignoring and repressing the largest urban Native community in the country. I recognize that Indigenous communities do not need to be saved. They need adequate resources and support from the city to move forward. As Mayor, I promise that I will govern with you, and uplift your voices in City Hall.

Vision and Priorities

  1. Treat the Heroin and Opioid Epidemic
    • Partner with community organizations like Natives Against Heroin to support grassroots work
    • Fund culturally-competent drug and alcohol treatment programs, and allow children to stay with their parents during treatment programs
    • Treat substance abuse and addiction as a public health crisis—not a criminal justice issue
    • Heal the historic trauma carried by our Indigenous community
  2. Uplift Environmental Justice and Ensure Food Sovereignty
    • Guarantee access to healthy food and build food sovereignty within the Native community
    • Fight against the Line 3 Pipeline which threatens the Mississippi River, not just threatening our city’s supply of water, but the wild rice field of Northern Minnesota and the source of life for Indigenous people
    • Create universal access to clean energy and energy efficiency programs through on-bill financing
  3. Prevent Violence in our Communities
    • Re-Invest our inflated police budget into community alternatives to policing—such as fully funding the Little Earth pilot program and funding programs to have mental health professionals respond to calls instead of police officers when appropriate
    • Hold officers accountable when they use excessive force by reforming use of force standards, and disciplining officers who act against standards of the department
    • Connect victims of domestic and sexual violence to culturally-competent, community-led resources and support services
    • View violence as a public health epidemic. Violence is learned from exposure to trauma, stress, and aggravated behavior. Policing and incarceration are reactions to violence, not solutions
  4. Affordable Housing and Homelessness
    • Work inter-governmentally with tribal governments to build and preserve safe, affordable housing
    • Partner with organizations like the American Indian Community Development Corporation to provide community-controlled affordable housing
    • Hold predatory landlords accountable by capping the amount rent can increase year to year, protecting tenants from unfair evictions, and increasing funding for housing inspections
  5. Education
    • Increase the number of Indigenous teachers in Minneapolis Public Schools
    • Fund full-service community schools with culturally-competent wrap around services—mental health services, counselors, healthcare
    • Support curriculum that centers language and culture for Indigenous students
    • Provide quality after-school and summer programming for youth