Rep. Ray Dehn Announced Candidacy for Re-Election

January 12, 2018

Cyndi Hovey

JANUARY 12, 2018 MINNEAPOLIS, MN —Representative Raymond Dehn (MN-59B) officially announced his candidacy for re-election, seeking a fourth term at the State Legislature.

Outspent 10:1, Raymond Dehn’s mayoral campaign earned a broad coalition of supporters, and proved that a people-powered, passion-driven, content-based campaign committed to engaging those most often forgotten—parents working multiple jobs, people of color and indigenous people, students and young professionals, and low-wealth community members— can be viable. With a second place finish, Dehn’s campaign challenged the notion that democracy must remain beholden to money, rather compassion, connection and conversation can be the guide.

“During my candidacy for Mayor, I engaged with and learned from residents across Minneapolis, deepening my understanding of their hopes and needs. I am more equipped and driven to represent my district at the Capitol. I look forward to growing the coalition we were able to build last year, and further engaging those most affected as we address the huge disparities across our state,”said Dehn.

Dehn has named Cyndi Hovey as his campaign manager. He said, “An essential organizer on my mayoral campaign, I’m lucky to have Cyndi not only on my team again, but running it.” She can be reached at

Raymond Dehn, a fourth-generation Northsider and University of Minnesota graduate, is running for re-election as a State Representative for District 59B, which includes the Northside, Bryn Mawr, North Loop, Elliott Park, and Downtown. During his past three terms at the Capitol, Ray has raised the minimum wage, championed bipartisan criminal justice reform, and expanded access to healthcare. He lives in the Jordan neighborhood of Minneapolis.


Cyndi Hovey