Prioritize Equity in Governance

Equity must be at the core of our every policy because inequity is at the root of most of our city’s struggles. The organizational structure of City Hall must reflect our values—elected officials and city staff must be equipped to address the realities of Minneapolis’ prejudicial systems. The solution is not only giving marginalized communities a seat at the table, but also actively going to their table and uplifting their voices.

Vision and Priorities

  1. Create a city budget that reflects our equity goals: While it is true that equity must be built into every part of the budget, we need to fund specific programs to address the disparities in Minneapolis. While our policing budget is currently slated to increase by $16 million in 2018, we only invest 9¢ in affordable housing for every $1 we spend on policing.
    • Use participatory budgeting to give communities more control over how resources are allocated.
    • Fully fund and staff the Office of Equity & Inclusion
    • Prioritize funding to create affordable housing, uplift environmental justice, and generate community wealth
    • Analyze the impacts of city projects through a racial equity lens
  2. Center equity in all work at City Hall: Our leaders must be fully equipped and educated to move our city forward towards a just future, and possess the tools to appropriately engage with our city’s diverse communities. We also must ensure that our city staff reflects the diversity of our city.
    • Create training programs for city staff on both cultural competency and the impact of systemic racism
    • Finish and fully implement the Racial Equity Toolkit
    • Implement hiring practices that prioritize racial equity
      • Use name-blind hiring practices
      • Remove educational barriers for city jobs where formal education isn't necessary
  3. Build coalitions between governmental bodies: As a state legislator, I understand the importance of collaboration at every level—from the neighborhood level to the federal level. As Mayor, I will work to build coalitions around the most pressing issues facing our communities, such as combatting climate change and building affordable housing.
    • Work with the Youth Coordinating Board (YCB) to address issues of education, youth homelessness, safety, and out-of-school programming
    • Lead the Clean Energy Partnership to push for greater accountability from the energy utility companies in our transition to clean energy and sustainability
    • Utilize the city’s legislative agenda to fight at the Capitol for funding for affordable housing, environmental justice, and for reforms around public safety, criminal justice, and rent control/stabilization
  4. Transform the city’s outreach and inclusion efforts: Some of the city’s most innovative programs are underutilized because residents lack awareness of their existence. For example, for programs such as curbside compost pickup, and on-bill financing of renewable energy programs, the city has a responsibility to managing effective and inclusive outreach efforts at the grassroots level.
    • Partner with neighborhood and community organizations, schools, faith communities to conduct grassroots outreach and education about city programs
    • Collaborate with small business when implementing ordinances impacting the workplace
    • Engage communities through a participatory budgeting process to aid the creation of the city budget