Resist Surveillance of Our Muslim and East African Communities

Minneapolis is home to a large community of Muslims—specifically Black Muslims that have emigrated from East Africa. The legacy of US foreign policy has played a large part in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of East Africans across the world. Since these communities arrived in our city, we have failed them—in terms of both economic and physical security. As Mayor, I will end our relationship with federal programs that target Muslims within our city. I promise to fight back against Islamophobia and work to create a truly inclusive city.

Vision and Priorities

  1. Stand against mass surveillance and targeting of our Muslim community: Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) is promoted as a program to prevent the radicalization of the Muslim community. However, the core of the program is based on a false belief that early warning signs of extremist ideology and actions exist and can be policed. This false premise has lead to a program that has surveilled and criminalized Muslim residents—particularly Black Muslims and Somali residents of the city. As mayor, I will stand with the community to fight back against these programs, refuse to fund CVE and related programs, and end Minneapolis’ participation.
    • End all participation of the Minneapolis City Government in CVE-funded programs, including the Strong Cities Network
    • Terminate Minneapolis Public Schools’ partnership with CVE—a specific area of CVE programming that puts youth at risk by monitoring them to ‘spot identity issues and disaffection,’ in a setting they are supposed to learn and grow
    • Create sustainable funding sources for community programs and social services to reduce the need for local organizations to rely on CVE funding
  2. Invest in creating safe, healthy communities: To address violence in our communities, we must understand it as a public health epidemic. Policing and incarceration are reactions to violence, not solutions, providing the appearance of community safety. True safety in communities means prioritizing spending in affordable housing, education, employment, healthcare, and healthy neighborhoods instead of criminalizing communities through ‘anti-radicalization’ programs.
    • Invest in community-based alternatives to policing that are community-controlled and completely outside of law enforcement and CVE funding
    • Require training for officers and other responders to competently respond to cases of sexual- and domestic-violence
    • Address trauma within East African communities and create culturally-competent and faith-based mental health services in schools for East African and Muslim youth