Support Our Artist Community

Minneapolis is known nationwide as cultural and artistic hub. We have valued assets from the Walker Art Center to the Guthrie Theatre. However, art does not only take place in our theatres downtown, or at our prestigious art institutions. It happens at Juxtaposition Arts, it happens at Heart of the Beast, and it happens in community-created spaces across our city. As we move forward, we must ensure that Minneapolis continues to be a place where all artists are able to thrive—earn a living wage, the ability to pay rent or own a home, and access to the resources they need for their art to be successful.

Vision and Priorities

  1. Creating a city where artists can live and thrive: Minneapolis is currently growing at a quicker pace than at any time since the 1950s. Rents have been rising, and incomes for workers have fallen. We must acknowledge that housing is a human right—not a commodity. As Mayor, I will work to ensure we have a supply of quality affordable housing throughout the city, and artists are protected from gentrification and displacement, which would cause a ripple-effect in low-wealth communities.
    • Create funding and provide institutional support for housing-cooperatives to allow artists access to shared, community-controlled space and affordable housing
    • Implement rent stabilization policies to limit the amount landlords can raise rent year to year
    • Explore commercial policies to protect studios, galleries, and artist spaces from commercial gentrification and rent increases
  2. Protecting artists as workers in our economy: Many artists in our city rely on other sources of income to support themselves while creating their art. We must ensure that all workers in our city have access to a living wage, earned sick and safe time, fair scheduling practices, and that we end wage theft in Minneapolis. Additionally, as the on-demand economy grows, we must work to support independent contractors in efforts to organize and collectively bargain.
    • Support artists and contract workers to collectively organize for guarantee of payment, quality working conditions, etc.
    • Ensure that the staff and workers at our theatres, art museums, and other art/cultural institutions are supported by the city in efforts to unionize, collectively bargain, and enforce workplace standards
    • Fairly implement the minimum wage increase and earned sick and safe time ordinance by fully funding the Labor Standards Enforcement Division
  3. Prioritize arts and culture: Minneapolis invests a great amount of resources into supporting our traditional arts and theatre scene on Hennepin Avenue, and art establishments throughout the city. My vision for art is centered on providing resources and institutional support for all art throughout the city, particularly in traditionally marginalized communities, not just traditional theatergoers and wealthier residents.
    • Invest in our art economy by increasing the amount of our budget that we dedicate to funding the arts
    • Create specific funding opportunities to support the work of artists of color, Indigenous artists, LGBTQ, non-binary, gender nonconforming artists, and differently-abled artists
    • Incentive light commercial space in residential interiors to support DIY art spaces and venues, creating more creative community-owned businesses
    • Collaborate with Minneapolis Public Schools, Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board, and other organizations to expand funding for arts in afterschool- and summer-programming for our city’s youth