Rep. Raymond Dehn Calls for City Leaders to Engage Northside Community in Decisions

May 1, 2017

Akhilesh Menawat


MAY 1, 2017 MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Raymond Dehn released the following statement.

“As a State Representative, I’ve attempted to respond to the errors made by city leadership by echoing the concerns of the community after the removal of former Inspector Friestleben, offering guidance to the Mayor during the 4th Precinct occupation, and now rejecting Delmonico as our Inspector.

Our city leadership has a long record of neglecting my community on the Northside. The lack of transparency—and deliberate misrepresentation of facts—in the appointment of Inspector Delmonico do nothing but continue to further the chasm of distrust between elected leaders and Northsiders. Decades of city-sanctioned segregation, mass incarceration, and community disenfranchisement put the onus on elected officials to dismantle the barriers for participation, rather than force the community to overcome them.

In the absence of initiative from the city, I will lead with community conversations to find solutions for the Northside: safety beyond policing, an end to mass incarceration, and police appointments.

We need an Inspector of the 4th Precinct decided with the Northside community, rather than for them.”