We need Ray at City Hall



My name is Karen Clark, I'm a State Representative for District 62A, representing South Minneapolis. During my time at the legislature, I've championed LGBTQ+ equality—I was the chief author of the bill to legalize same-sex marriage; Ray was one the first legislators to sign on. Since then, we've stood together fighting for our progressive values.

Ray is one of our city’s most effective legislators at the Capitol. His energy and efficiency at the Capitol have been remarkable. Ray lead the legislature on reforming drug sentencing guidelines, banning-the-box for jobs, and securing funding for Clare Housing. Ray brings unique, neighborhood-based insight to governing which is something desperately needed in our city leadership.

We need Ray's leadership at City Hall. Ray genuinely represents the people in our city who have been left behind. That’s why I’m supporting Ray to be Mayor of Minneapolis.

Karen Clark
State Representative MN-62A
Whittier, Phillips, Ventura Village, Seward, and Lyn-Lake

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