Nurses Endorse our vision for Mayor of Minneapolis

Yesterday, Minnesota Nurses Association endorsed my candidacy for Mayor of Minneapolis. I’m humbled to have them as a partner in our campaign for a more just Minneapolis. Nurses are America’s most trusted professionals, they care for our most vulnerable populations. The endorsement of nurses is an endorsement for a Mayor who will be in this fight with you.

"Representative Dehn shares nurses’ beliefs and vision for healthcare as a human right for all. He will advocate for nurses' priorities like access to quality, affordable healthcare; collective bargaining rights for all workers; and the opportunity to succeed no matter where people live or who they are."

— MNA President, Mary Turner

As the only candidate endorsed by healthcare workers, I also wanted to share my Community Health Plan on Substance Abuse and Addiction. Addressing substance abuse and addiction will decrease crime, unemployment, and homeless in our city. As an addict, four decades into recovery, I am committed to providing a path to recovery and rehabilitation for all Minneapolis residents.

Join Nurses in committing to caucus for us on Tuesday, April 4th.

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