With less than $47,000, Raymond Dehn Seizes Lead in Mayoral Race


July 8, 2017

Akhilesh Menawat

JULY 8, 2017 MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Today, at the Minneapolis DFL City Convention, Representative Raymond Dehn finished in first place after the convention of no endorsement. With 401 votes, 32.44% of the present delegation, Dehn claimed the momentum in the race.

“Our victory tonight proves conventional wisdom wrong—big money is beatable, and even incumbency can be overcome with a people-first approach, powered by the passion of those willing to work hard for change in our city,” said Ray.

“Our broad coalition, diverse in our backgrounds, but united in our values, was able to accomplish a great deal; We showed today that our voices and our stories can win in November. Our team and our supporters are excited to continue to build and share our vision for this great city of Minneapolis.”

Raymond Dehn, a fourth-generation Northsider and University of Minnesota graduate, running for Mayor of Minneapolis. He is a three-term State Representative serving District 59B, which includes the Northside, Bryn Mawr, North Loop, Elliott Park, and Downtown. During his time at the Capitol, Ray has raised the minimum wage, championed bipartisan criminal justice reform, and expanded access to healthcare. He lives in the Jordan neighborhood of Minneapolis.